About LuxSexperience

We are 5 Porn-actresses and we got together the idea for a very special event where we will find our real satisfaction.
We will lead you to a world of sensuality, affluence, lechery and frivolity how we know it from the romans at the time of the Ceasars.
There will be an erotic mood, we’ll have luxury menues, cold drinks, snacks and kinky sex.
You can relax at the bar, lay untighten near the pool, we will have sex together near the pool
and enjoy all our sexual desires.
Assorted snacks, biscuits and cool drinks  always are served. A breakfast buffet, a luxury lunch buffet and a barbecue or a luxury dinner the late afternoon also will be served every day.
We love to be the whole day with you for all kind of sexual practices at every opportunity, near the pool, inside the pool, in the saloon, all kind of places outside and inside of the villa.
We are naked , sometimes wearing erotic dessous and always ready to be with you.
Everybody may take what he likes, nobody ever has to ask, use our bodies, so we use yours, feel free!
We’re all pornactresses and sex is a very important part of us. Erotik and lechery is our live.
We never say no, every part of our body is available for you so we demand it from you.

We will wait to get touched at our most intimate parts of our bodies.Take us and use our kinky bodies. Give us your cum, show us your randiness and help us to have real kinky orgasms.
It will be an unforgettable experience and it is not only a phantasy.
It will be an unforgettable experience and it is not only a phantasy.
Be part of our kinky ideas, our carnal desires, our lascivious thinking.
Dominate our bodies and feel like an Emperor, and we will use your hard dicks to feel like a
real woman