Private porn star party in Mallorca
12.10.2021 to 16.10.2021

Participants – 10 men 5 Spanish porn actresses

Procedure – The Luxsexperience Party is recreation under the sun of Mallorca, sexual relaxation with the hottest porn actresses, a gourmet trip, a holiday of a special kind, or simply a luxury sex vacation in paradise!

On the party days the girls are present the whole day everywhere and are available from 12 am to 8pm daily for all sexual fantasies. We entertain the gentlemen in between with hot shows and many little horny surprises.

The third day is a break day. Everything continues as before, only sex has a break on this day.

Prices – The price for this Luxsexperience Party for

  • 2 days 1.950.- €
  • 5 days 3450.- €

You can book all days or the first or the last two days.

Accommodation – The party takes place in a large Majorcan finca with pool. Accommodation is in large rooms in suites of 2 persons each. If you want a single room you have to book early, there are only 2 rooms available and there is a surcharge.

Catering – Every morning there is a rich breakfast buffet, lunch and a multi-course dinner, barbecue etc. In between there are snacks, cakes, pastries etc. all freshly prepared by our cook and served by our charming waitress.

Arrival – Each guest will be picked up and brought back from the airport by a driver. You can always arrive one day in advance and leave one day later. Dinner and breakfast on arrival and departure are included


Salma De Nora

  • Type: Secretary
  • Nationality : Spanish
  • Languages : Spanish, English, German
  • Size : 162
  • Interests : dancing, traveling, sailing, parties, acting, gourmet restaurants
  • Sexual Interests : No taboos, Creampies, Sperm games, Gangbang
  • Residence : Mallorca and Weinheim


Sara May

  • Type: Athletic, funny girl
  • Nationality : Spanish
  • Languages : Spanish, some English
  • Size : 160
  • Weight : 50 kg
  • Interests : Dancing, Travel, Sports, Parties
  • Sexual interests : No taboos, Blowjob, Deep throat, Hard sex, Gangbang
  • City: Barcelona


Julia de Lucia

  • Type: Playgirl
  • Nationality : Spanish
  • Languages : Spanish, some English, some German
  • Size : 165
  • Interests : Dancing, Travel, Parties
  • Sexual Interests : Uninhibited, Girlfriend sex, Sex with many men, Blowjobs
  • City: Barcelona


Amanda X

  • Type: Bitch
  • Nationality: Spanish
  • Languages: Spanish
  • Size: 157
  • Interests: sex, fast cars
  • Sexual interests: No taboos, hard fast sex with facials and Creampies with lots of men, gangbang
  • City: Madrid



  • Type: Model
  • Nationality: Venezuelan-German
  • Languages: Spanish, German, English
  • Size: 173
  • Weight: 65kg
  • Interests: traveling, parties, luxury cars
  • Sexual interests: no taboos, creampie, blowjobs with many men, sex without limits




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